Thursday, July 16, 2009

10 Reasons I Love the Inter-web

by Insurance Guru

  • Was able to determine that the ant traps the dogs ate wouldn't kill them.

  • I can work from home. (i.e. home "cube farming")

  • Adopted the most recent rescue dog from the Inter-web. Pretty sure no one else would've taken her.

  • Get to see Bruno and Eminem at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards over and over again.....(warning - butt cheeks ahead)

  • Google.

  • Found the unfindable sized bi-fold pantry door for 60 bucks. Delivery included.

  • Bill pay on the bank web-site.

  • When I have extra cash, E-bay.

  • Spending a little time with all of our Gentle Readers.


      chupacabra said...

      Recently stood slack jawed in front of a mirror trying to remember how to tie a tie for a funeral- 10 seconds on google I had 16 different ways to tie it on 1 site. Googlemaps to the funeral home and away we go.

      insuranceguru said...

      Isn't google wonderful? I have a couple of "nail-pops" in my drywall that need fixing. Will be on the google sites for that DIY project.

      Mama Mary said...

      Just found your site through MomZombie and I'm loving it! First of all I want to say thank you for what you do at Hospice--my family utilized Hospice services for my dad when he transitioned 8 years ago and I feel forever indebted to the nurses and the organization as a whole! And there were many frantic, desparate phone calls made between the hours of 5pm and 8am, so THANK YOU! And thank your friggin funny blog, It's cracking me up--I'll be back again. Cheers!

      dethmama said...

      I agree, Google totally rocks. I often find myself scratching my head when I hear people "wondering" about something and I know they've got computers in the house. Why in the hell aren't you googling this?

      dethmama said...

      Oh, by the way... I've seen that dog. Insurance Guru is probably right about that one.

      insuranceguru said...

      Now, now - leave the mentally handicapped dog alone. We knew just from looking at her it was going to be an intersting life together.

      insuranceguru said...

      Welcome Mama Mary! Stop by and visit anytime. We started off with a general "blog theme" but you never know what will come creeping out of our brains!