Friday, October 10, 2008

Articles of Interest

This coming fall, Washington state will be voting on Initiative 1000 or the "Washington Death With Dignity Act".
If approved, the act will allow terminally ill patients the option of choosing to end their lives by way of physician assisted suicide (PAS).

Jessica Knapp's blog,"The Good Death", has posts discussing this initiative. She also includes a very good link, in her "follow-up" post, to the University of Washington's Bioethics website where both pros and cons of PAS are discussed.

Initiative 1000-Physician Assisted Suicide

Physician Assisted Suicide--Follow-Up


The Happy Hospitalist has his own version of the Mini Mental exam..."What is the significance of 9/ll?" He says it works "like a charm" and is a real time saver!


Completely off topic...

On September 30, posted "Ten Best Vehicles for the Coming Financiapocalypse". My absolute favorite is, without a doubt, the Mini-Winnie. It just boggles my mind when I think of all the possibilities that a vehicle like this would have for an on-call hospice nurse! Not to mention the incredible satisfaction I would get by merely driving my "home" off into the sunset when the bank decides to foreclose.


Buck's Ghosts and Hauntings has a great post titled, "My Spirit Guide". See how you, too, through the magic of Google, can become an uncanny psychic! This is a must read for anyone that watches "Haunting Evidence" on TruTV.

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