Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pardon Our Progress...

Dethmama Chronicles will be undergoing a facelift!!

The tech crew (that would be me looking baffled at my Mac) will be installing a new banner and working with fonts and link colors so everything will match and be all pretty 'n stuff. So this weekend, do not be taken aback if the colors on this site are in a constant state of flux. It's just me trying to make up my mind.

My sincere thanks to
Cullan Hudson for his banner design. I feel that his work will, indeed, reflect the spirit of the story-telling,"off-topic" posts and occasional irreverence displayed by both myself and Insurance Guru. (Note: the "nurse" image in the new banner is a dead ringer of me in all my post-menopausal gloriousness... ask anyone)



Christian Sinclair, MD said...

I am excited to see the overhaul and redesign. The insurance Guru is a nice addition to the blog. I think you will find the benefits of team blogging to be wonderful.

Personally, i find the white text on black background difficult to read. So I hope that changes, but that is just me talking.

dethmama said...

Thanks, Dr. S. -- I'll pass your message on to Insurance Guru.

I agree with you on the black background... I gotta lot of work to do!

Buck said...

Cullan's great! I thought that lovely new designed looked a little like his design flair. :)

Like the new look!