Friday, February 6, 2009

Uncertain Times and Knitting

by Insurance Guru

The Guru has taken up knitting, kind of. I'm one of those Type-A get it done kinda folks. You'll never catch me in a quiet meditative pose. I do my best thinking while moving. Still, one always needs some "zen" down time so I've started knitting with a knitting loom. Perfect for me since I don't have to "knit one - purl two", count my stitches, count my rows or any other annoying knitting-type task. True, my finished product is a square or a rectangle of material - yup, scarves and blankets.

All my little dogs have new blankets, the kids have scarves whether they want them or not and now I can move on to knitting baby blankets to send to third world countries. It's quite soothing work and with the all the financial and employment chaos around, it's better than a double Prozac cocktail. If it all hits the fan, I may need this new skill in some climate-challenged, post-gaziliion dollar debt world. I wonder if I can make yarn from the bounty of my shedding dogs?

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