Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back From the Wild

It was an excellent camping trip. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. There was a good fire every night and I enjoyed the warm company of my childhood friend, I.G., and my foolish pup, Olive.

A most Excellent Camper!

Olive: Finishing the last of a freshly caught hiker
Without giving away too much information regarding our locale, here are a couple of snaps of the view from the tent. Yes, you read that right. In spite of our advanced age and numerous infirmities, we still prefer a tent.

If you can guess the exact location of where we were, from this stingy information, you should get a prize.
I.G. was most pleased with her ingenious solution for the daily water-hauling duties...

Mind you, that stroller has never known a baby's butt. I.G. bought it just for this purpose only!

Although the camping trip was perfect, the equipment was not always so...

Things we broke while camping.

Oh, my! I just got a text from Insurance Guru. She's just come from Cabela's with a new tent for the next camping trip.

The next Camping Castle. Ooh, lovely!


insuranceguru said...

Wow - I didn't see Olive grab that Hiker...I must've been hauling water. I'm ready to go back to the woods with new tent at the ready!

chupacabra said...

Recharged or more worn out than when you left- or both?
I've learned never scrimp on a tent. There are lots of things you can when camping but, not the wilderness castle.

dethmama said...

@ chupacabra... Definitely recharged, but not ready for reality.

I.G. went all out on this new tent. It's apparently at least a league above from what we've been using before.

Kit Courteney said...

I think I might have to kidnap (dognap?) Olive.

I **HAVE** to have her... she's sooooooooooo damned cute!

dethmama said...

@ Kit...
I'm willing to discuss joint custody.

Jessica Knapp said...

I agree with Kit. Olive is really cute. She seems to have lots of personality, which small dogs need—how else are they going to get the treats before the big dogs do?! They gotta out charm them.