Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Articles of Interest

A couple of recent articles, in the hospice and palliative care arena, have piqued my interest this week...

Dr. Christian Sinclair of posted an article on 8/23/08 titled, "Hospice in Prison vs. Hospice for Released Prisoners". This piece raises some important questions regarding the care of terminally ill and/or aging prisoners that have been released into the community before their sentences have been served.
Pallimed: A Hospice & Palliative Medicine Blog: Hospice in Prison vs. Hospice for Released Prisoners

Hospice Guy of, posted an article on 8/27/08 titled, "The Tale of the Vanishing Hospice Chaplain". Hospice Guy reflects on recent changes in the Medicare hospice benefit and its potential effect on the services that hospices provide.
Hospice Blog: The Tale of the Vanishing Hospice Chaplain

There are very few blogs on the subject of hospice and palliative medicine that keep me coming back, but these two are exceptions. Pallimed is a veritable buffet of topics on all things relating to palliative medicine and hospice. Their approach is often academic, mixed with a healthy dose of humor. Hospice Blog, written from the perspective of an insider, is straight-forward, well written and very informative. The blog's series called "How to Choose a Hospice" is a must read.

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