Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ghost Tour

Yep... I admit it. I love the ghosties. I even own a few pieces of equipment commonly used by ghost hunters and have participated in ghost hunting expeditions. No holiday destination is complete without visiting the local "haunted" sites or at least a good, rollicking ghost tour.

Although I never discuss my interest in this subject with my coworkers, it's probably natural for people in my profession to have an interest in ghosts. I only know that death and what may lay beyond, is on my mind... a LOT. Surely others involved in hospice and other related fields would also share this interest in the paranormal. Then again, maybe I'm just a nut case.

Anyway, today I'm introducing a segment called "Ghost Tour". It'll be a recurring segment, largely depending on the quality of video that I find. So enjoy your first "Ghost Tour" with the following video...  Oh, I also  promise that nothing is going to "jump out at you" and freak you out. I'm not that kind of nut case.

You Just Can't Fake This!

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soulsoprano said...

LOLOLOL! That made my day! Thanks Dethmama!