Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Mom & Me Journals dot Net

I'd like to say that I discovered Gail Rae Hudson's blog, The Mom & Me Journals dot Net, during my tireless websurfing, but I'd be lying. It was Gail that discovered Dethmama Chronicles some time after her mother began receiving hospice services at home. I was introduced to Gail's amazing blog after reading a very touching email that she'd sent to me.

It's an expansive work in progress... Ranging from medication and blood glucose logs, to daily journal entries, to audio interviews with her mother and written family histories. This site is not designed for the casual peruser and rightfully so. This is an intimate labor of love. A kind of legacy-in-the-making, that makes one feel honored to be allowed to view.

Thanks, Gail... I'm so glad that you found me.


Mike said...

I must say good on you for operating caring hospices.

I hope I never ever need your services!

Jessica Knapp said...

That's a very interesting blog. Thanks for the tip.