Friday, November 14, 2008

A Physician Phreaks Out!

A Cautionary Tale

I was perusing Sallysue's Soapbox a few days ago and came across this tidbit...

Dr. Karen Kim, a pediatrician, from Pooler, GA was neither happy with the election results nor the performance of her employees. Unfortunately, she impulsively sent the following memo to the staff at her clinic:

Dr Kim soon sent another letter, in a gentler tone, that addressed some of her feelings of frustration. The letter reproduces very poorly so click here to see it. For the full story, please visit the WSAV, Savannah, GA website. Dr. Kim has since resigned from Pooler Pediatrics and is devoting more time to her children.

A lesson to be learned here by all of us... Never send out a letter or memo written in the throes of frustration or disgust. That goes right up there with "never blog drunk"!

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Kit Courteney said...

How very true!

Buck said...

She sounds like a peach of a lady (sarcastic). I suppose it's best she left before the first employment discrimination suit hit and her letter was put into evidence of political bias.

But, if she goes off like that because her guy lost in the election then... how does she treat patients who might be a little trying or difficult?

Wow, sounds like she's the one who has some issues with professional behavior and patient care probably.

As Michael would say, we always see the faults in others that we dislike the most in ourselves.

dethmama said...

Well.. ya know, I can understand her frustration. It's just that she used poor judgment in communicating her feelings. It could happen to anyone of us, Like I said at the beginning of the post... it's a "cautionary tale".

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear here-did you mean that when you said we should never blog drunk? Seriously? Dang. I was just getting ready to give that a try and see if it would boost creativity. Guess I have to look for another way.