Friday, December 19, 2008

Articles of Interest

Jessica Knapp, author of The Good Death, continues her quest to promote dialogue about death. Please see her post, Assisted Suicide in Britain, that covers the recently televised documentary of the assisted suicide of American-born, Craig Ewert. It makes me wonder if any of America's "Big 4" networks would dare to televise this documentary.

Oh, good grief! Jessica has already addressed my question! I can't keep up with this woman!

The Spanish city of Santa Coloma de Gramenet has put the "dead to work" by erecting solar panels in their cemetery. Bueno! Now they can recharge the batteries of all those buried with their cell phones!


Gail Rae Hudson of The Mom & Me Journals dot Net moves forward in exploring her life without Mom and the nature of her grief:

"There is a part of me that also wishes I lived in a culture that not only allowed me to drop to the ground and wail but would expect and encourage me to crawl into the arms of all-encompassing grief and tug at my clothes, scratch at my skin, pull at my hair, ululate at a piercing pitch...I find myself calling up images of this kind of grief expression at frequent intervals. Worldwide Images of Grief. Does such a video exist? If it doesn't, it should."

Dr. Amy Clarkson, at Pallimed: Arts & Humanities, has an excellent post about Prussian artist, Kathe Kollwitz. This truly brings back some memories for me. I devoted a lot of time studying this artist in my numerous, college art history classes. As a young college student, I found Kollwitz morbid, dreary and boring. As a mature woman and hospice nurse, she has become far more relevant and stirs many, all too familiar, feelings of grief.


Finally, this is very bizarre and may not be to everyone's taste. So consider yourself forewarned. A Colorado surgeon found a "foot" within a newborn baby's brain. Click here for the full story and pictures.


Gail Rae said...

Wow! Thank you for citing me, dethmama! I'm honored! --Gail

dethmama said...

Not at all, Gail. I'm just so happy to hear from you. Please, just keep taking those little steps forward...

Barbara Kivowitz said...

What a great collection of powerful items! Thanks.