Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Patience is a Virtue? ...Not.

by Insurance Guru

Dethmama mentioned one day that some of her patients had complained of having to wait up to several months to see an oncologist. It could just be an urban legend, but regardless, they felt that they had had to wait too long to see a specialist.

If you feel that you can't see a specialist within an acceptable time frame and your PCP isn't helping, call your Insurance Company. If all the paperwork required to see a specialist is approved, you are not restricted to the specialist that your PCP chose. Your Insurance Company can provide a list of specialists for you to pick from. You may not get the closest specialist to your home, but hey - if I need an oncologist - I want one NOW!

PCPs often refer their patients only to the specialists near their offices. I won't speculate on the reasons, but your PCP should be working for your health, not toward maintaining a relationship with the specialists in their area.

So, dig out the number for your Insurance Company, and get on the phone... Now!

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Anonymous said...

That is one type of specialist I hope I never need.

BTW--I just tagged you. I hope you don't mind. (Please, please say you don't)

insuranceguru said...

I don't mind the tag at all.... ummm.... does this mean I'm "it" now? (sorry for the lame joke)

Anonymous said...

having to wait to see an oncologist? *shudder*

I am so glad Australia has a good health care system

insuranceguru said...

Hi nursemyra! I don't think we really have to wait to see any specialists here in The States.

A simple phone call would get you in, just not where your PCP is sending you. Folks just don't know what to do when the PCP's crack office staff won't step in.