Friday, December 5, 2008

Ghost Tour

It's been a long time since our last Ghost Tour...

Since then, there has been a scandal surrounding the Ghost Hunters, originating from their live, televised Halloween special this year. Click here for a "behind the scenes" look at the show and the infamous "jacket tugging" incident... Yeah, it doesn't look good. Pretty heartbreaking for fans like me (sigh).


Cullan Hudson's blog, Strange State, has a sweet little video featuring a "Museum Ghost". Check out his blog, too. Cullan is an excellent writer and story teller, with an intelligent, skeptical approach to the paranormal.

A while back, I first saw this video on Cullan's blog. It's pretty intriguing.

After many infuriating attempts, I was finally able to stop the video at a point where I'm willing to bet my lunch money that
I caught the image of someone to the far right that's pushing the "Ghost Train". Yeah, we got "punk'd". Here's my screen shot of the suspicious frame from the video.

Of course, what I'm looking at may just be an example of pareidolia. Which is my lame attempt to segue into my next paranormal item of interest...


Forgetomori, a blog by Kentaro Mori, is in my opinion one of the best sites around for all things strange and wonderful. His recent post, Best Pareidolia Ever, is an absolutely amazing example of the phenomenon. One look at this and you'll think twice before bidding on that "Jesus on a Doggie Door" on eBay. (Thanks, Buck!)

Finally, we need to see what our "drunken brother" ghost is up to...

Click on the lable "Ghost Tour" to get caught up on all the good ghostie stuff!

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KingDestroyer said...

right on... one day I want to go on a "Ghost Tour". It would freak me out but I am a believer.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to come back to catch up on all this when I have a little more time.