Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back From the Abyss

by Insurance Guru

Whew, what a grueling couple of months this has been. Deep in the Cube Farms on Insurance Island, we have been slaving away to get the 2009 Benefit Plans loaded, the 2009 Medicare rules, rates and insanities loaded, the 2009 contracts up and running and still hoping that claims don't blow up at the other end.

Insurance Cube Farmers rarely have a long Christmas or New Year's holiday. I myself worked straight through all the holidays and even through a couple of scheduled PTO days. It wasn't the best time to be told there are no raises this year and no assurances regarding future down-sizing.

However, a plane landed on the Hudson River and all survived, the Arizona Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl and a Black American is now the president of the United States. Has someone sent scarves and mittens to hell? This might just be my kind of year!

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dethmama said...

Yay! Welcome back IG! You have no idea how much the Chronicles have missed you.

I agree, all signs indicate that this year will be most interesting.