Monday, January 12, 2009

Counting My Blessings

I've just come back from an emergency, mandatory meeting at the hospice office. There will be no pay increases for any staff members this year. My poor boss was nearly beside herself... dreading the potentially hostile reactions from the hospice staff.

After her announcement, no one even blinked. When she assured everyone that no layoffs would occur, the staff collectively relaxed and began expressing gratitude at keeping their beloved jobs during these difficult times.

As I was leaving the conference room I heard someone say, "I think we should have a party!". Yes, I would agree.


Jessica Knapp said...

Congrats on keeping your job! Amazing how the scale of what makes us happy changes when the economy takes a dive.

Buck said...

Glad you'll still be gainfully employed. I just had two very good friends who lost their jobs of many years overnight in this market. One, luckily has a couple prospects but the other is having no luck getting a new job. It's terrible.