Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ghost Tour

Buck Bannister found an amazing discussion thread at allnurses.com. This thread titled, "What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?", has been going strong from June 2005 to the present! You have got to check it out. The stories are absolutely addictive.

The LAist has a good, creepy story "Weird Los Angeles: The Curious Cavorting Coffin". Believable? No. But a good story nonetheless and an excellent example of "urban legend as cautionary tale".

Forgetomori explores one of the most talked about, "recent", paranormal photos. The Wem Town Hall Ghost was photographed in 1995 by Tony O'Rahilly and after some scrutiny, has arguably been thought to be the real deal.

This two-part documentary does an excellent job investigating both the town hall fire and the photograph.



Peter said...

Hi! My wife and I trained at a catholic hospital many moons ago and we had the "Grey Nun" ghost to entertain us. Never saw her myself but the patients in the old wing would tell many a tale of her going around checking on drips and tucking in quilts during the night.

Take Care,

dethmama said...

@ Peter... Hi Peter, thanks for visiting. I haven't had any paranormal encounters that are nursing related...yet. I used to doubt that any spirit would be attached enough to a hospital to want to haunt it. But after reading some of the nurses' tales in the discussion thread, I'm starting to change my mind.