Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Behind the Velvet Rope

by Insurance Guru

I sure did have some kind of hissy fit during my efforts to get a referral to have my knee looked at before my leg fell off. However, now I feel as though I've been let behind that red velvet rope that keeps the unwashed masses away from the famous folk in L.A. clubs.

The Orthopedics office was quite posh and took up the entire floor of a medical complex. On my first visit I had my knee x-rayed a hundred different ways and within 30 minutes, I was talking with the doctor about the results. He decided I needed an MRI and their crack office staff would make all the insurance arrangements and... THEY DID! Who knew such a thing existed?

I was able to have the MRI at their offices and it was such a cute little machine. It was built just for lower extremities, so no freezing in a gown trying to keep still while your nose itches. Within a few weeks we had the results and it looks like the Guru will finally get that annoying meniscus tear fixed. The crack office staff promised to take care of all of those arrangements, too... but it's been a month now..... (sigh)


Buck said...

Congratulations! Looks like things are coming up roses all over. I have my appointment with a new transplant program to take over my care after the craziness I went through with my other one in November! Woo Hoo!

insuranceguru said...

That's great news Buck! I just hope this crack office staff get cracking soon. I volunteer with some kids for baseball and sure would like that little extra mobility.