Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday!

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by Insurance Guru

I admit it, I love football. I grew up with a Dad that loved to watch and taught me the rules. The future ex-Mr. Guru is a huge fan and by default so is my son. Is there anything as exciting or more American than Super Bowl Sunday!? I can hear the NFL Films music right now and the voice of John Facenda... "the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field...".

I also love an underdog, Cinderella story so I am extra excited to see the long suffering Arizona Cardinals in the mix. Sorry, Steelers - I'm not rooting for you this year.

So come on over, the Guru is having a Super Bowl party. Bring some dip and pull up a chair. The big screen will be running in high definition, the TV in the garage will be available for the smoking section, if you need a moment to yourself, the office and guest room TV's will be warmed up. Fair warning though, the Guru will skip Springsteen at half-time and we WILL be watching Puppy Bowl V on animal Planet.

Go Cards!
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dethmama said...

Ooo... should I bring my popcorn maker?

insuranceguru said...

Yes please and wear red! Go Cards!

insuranceguru said...

Yes please and wear red! Go Cards!